AI Can Transform

AI can transform your customer experience

Chatbot’s improve customer experience and convert more leads

An army of sales people powered by AI-

Provide a seamless customer experience through automated chatbots. Capture live data and send this directly to your team by email, SMS or directly into a dedicated Slack channel. Every visitor on your website has a personalised rep to guide them through to a sale.

Fully customisable to align with your voice-

Ensure brand alignment with an easy to use and easily editable chatbot builder, colours, size and positioning are in your control. Seamlessly integrate the chatbot’s into your website and increase the interactions you can have with prospects.

Templated or editable journeys to suit your customer’s needs-

Either use pre-built journeys for various customer scenarios or build your own to capture data for different customer scenarios, sales, support and general engagement ensuring no customer feels left behind and no customer is anonymous.

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Mohammed Naeem, CTO – Edtech SaaS

GetSelling has been an absolute lifesaver. We had multiple products and lots of integratetion headcahes with tools that wouldn’t talk to each other. Great idea to create a one stop shop solution.

Paul Tyler, Freelance SEO Consultant

GetSelling has been excellent. I’ve found new leads, reduced the amount of time I spent prospecting, and as a result been able to focus on providing a great customer experience. Very easy to set up and use.

Judith Greene, Co-founder – Fintech Startup

The online review management product has massively increased customer reviews and the chatbot has allowed us to capture contact details of visitors, providing another source of leads.

Gary Roberts, Systems Manager – Marketing Agency

Easy to use tools with excellent support, providing great value.

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